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HEIVA SAN DIEGO is a cultural organization dedicated to promote friendship, understanding and cultural awareness between the people of French Polynesia and the United States through dancing, singing, travel, education and the cultural arts.

Heiva San Diego

Who we are

Heiva San Diego HomeSince its inception in 2011, the Heiva San Diego event was created in recognition of the love for Tahitian Dancing.

Heiva San Diego is more than an event. It is a pure cultural experience, a gathering, a celebration, an islander Festival!

We celebrate friendship, music, cuisine, dancing, drumming, singing, travel, arts & crafts and islands spirits! Come escape with us into our Tropical paradise! All for a good cause! This is a fun filled family event you don’t want to miss!

Thanks to the support of the Conservatoire of French Polynesia, the Tahiti Tourism bureaus (North America & Tahiti), Air Tahiti Nui, and the enthusiasm of our dedicated board members and cultural actors, vendors, tattoo artists, singers, dancers, musicians, historians of the Pacific Islands, the Heiva San Diego has earned a solid international reputation. All have supported this event since the very beginning, believing in it and sharing its ambition from the outset.

Like every large cultural events, Heiva San Diego will continue to be innovative with its future events. The Festival has brought life, culture and arts to everyone who loves the South Pacific!

“Everything we do at Reva Tahiti Productions, we tie it to the history and the Culture of Tahiti”. “For us, it’s about authenticity, it’s about our islands, and it’s all about our roots, and to bring all of us together”.

Lindsay Reva McNicol

Reva Tahiti Productions

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Talofa Maeva! 
Congratulations on another successful Heiva! This was a big event for the Tahitian community in San Diego, especially, with the Huahine addition to the event. I know for every great and successful event there are hiccups along the way, but, I commend you Maeva for pushing through yours and Lindsay’s vision and passion for the Tahitian people and culture. Your work and dedication does not go unnoticed and what you do is not an easy task. Thank you for allowing me and my group to be a part of this fabulous event and most of all for being your friend. 

- Kiki Sotoa Solia, SCCSD President

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