Heiva San Diego Cultural Village

REVA TAHITI PRODUCTIONS  is a cultural organization dedicated to promote friendship, understanding and cultural awareness between the people of French Polynesia and the United States through dancing, singing, education and the cultural arts.
We do this at Weekend in Tahiti through dance workshops as well as displaying Tahitian arts and crafts.

Special Guests
We are pleased to announce that Hitireva under the direction of Kehaulani CHANQUY was our special guest at Heiva San Diego 2018. 

The 25 artists, dancers, singers, musicians and actors of Hitireva presented their show both days of our festival as well as several workshops.

This show "E Parauparau te Ofa'i", tells the immemorial history of the Stone, presents "before the time of men" and will accompany them in every step of their life, before being finally abandoned by modern times.



2018 ORI Workshops
Hitireva at Te Rahiti Nui



Meet our Culture Team

Danee Hazama
Danee has been shooting professionally since 1984 working for major international  clients while being based in Tahiti. His passions are photography, culture, people and exploration.
Danee’s first introduction to canoes was at the 1992 South Pacific Festival of  Arts in Rarotonga with the theme of voyaging. There he met voyagers and like minded people connected with the canoe. Little did he know how this cultural endeavor would unfold for him in his future. He had the opportunity photographically, to participate in documenting the canoes on a project with National Geographic Channel. He later became a crewmember that sailed around the Pacific on a Polynesian Voyaging Canoe navigating by the stars  The other canoe projects he participated in were with the Taiwan Indigenous peoples 2008, Tribute to Mau with the Hawaiian’s in 2011, Te Mana O Te Moana with the Pacific Voyagers in 2012/13 and  Waka Tapu with the Maori’s in 2013.
Danee received an award for as “Adventurer of the Year” by the Los Angeles Adventurers Club in 2013 and was a TED x speaker. He served as the project photographer for the UNESCO World Heritage Site nomination Marae Taputapuatea in Raiatea and was selected to be one of Air Tahiti Nui’s, Ambassadors as well  as a Tahiti Nui Explorers.

Danee Hazama Website